Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Mbe sabatiring Kwinella.

Translation: I am residing in Kwinella.  More accurately, starting in September, I will be living in the village Wurokong and working 2 km away in Kwinella, at the Lower Basic School, a school for grades 1-8.   In Wurokong, I will also be working in the nursery extension school (equivalent to pre-school/kindergarten) affiliated with the LB School in Kwinella.   The villages are in biking distance to the river, but 3-4 hours inland of the main, though not quite metropolitan area.  From what I can tell based on my semi-reliable map skills, the village is near Kiang National Park, and I’m definitely pumped to try to get some outdoor adventure in my life again!  Wurokong also used to be a PC training village, and there is a place called Tendaba Camp, where I can possibly take a staycation and swim in a swimming pool if I desire; pending how well I do at making friends with the staff…

I am extremely grateful to have found out where I will be working. It has put new perspective into why I am here and reinstalled motivation to keep working on my language skills as well as other skills throughout training.  I can’t wait for site visit, where I will stay in the village and get acquainted before moving in permanently.

Until next time, Kayira doron (peace only)!

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